All fabric selected by Pegasus is very light and resistant to UV and salt water. This fabric is exclusive to our company and not used by any other manufacturer.

The fabric is very light and has a high resistance to tearing. For that reason, our 6.6 ripstop nylon, 1.2 oz, 1 sqm/52 gr. fabric is used in most of our production. This fabric has double coated silicone. The fabric although has elasticity characteristics.


When you launch the Parasail and the wind  fully enflates it, the fabric will stretch and the pressure on the Parasail will be minimized, because the fabric has this special elasticity. We only use pastel colours in all our production. Because this gives us good resistance against sun UV and salt water. 

As an alternative, Pegasus Parasails can offer the 1.6 oz fabric. This fabric is a good alternative for our customers using Parasails between 21 ft. - 30 ft. The fabric is 6.6 ripstop nylon 75 gr. and has a double silicone coating.





All logos, Cartoons and letterings are reproduced from your own designs. All artwork is cut from our original fabric and then sewn on the Parasail, which makes it longer lasting.

All artwork is priced according to the complexity of the work.