We are pleased to announce that SPORTLITE (UK), is now in partnership with Pegasus Parasail and through our combined cooperation and expertise we can now offer our customers the very best service and quality for all our equipment in the future.


Pegasus Parasails produce Parasails that allow you to enjoy flying  in complete safety. The Parasails are produced with the highest standards, techonological guidelines and according to European standards.

A Pegasus Parasail is only packaged after very stringent checks and controls. That means, the Parasail will reach you in perfect condition.  All materials used in Pegasus Parasails  are of a very high standard. All products produced by  Pegasus Parasails are strong and durable. And to this end you can be sure of always receiving quality equipment.

Our company will guarantee to give you the best service and quality in all our products. The operators can easily open the 44 ft. and 46 ft. big Parasails manually, without needing a  launch system (Rollbar).  As you can see on the introductory video, it is very easy to open and retrieve  the Parasail.






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